0060 everywhere - Charging Details
ServiceParticular of ServiceService Charge (HK$)
Voice calls to & from Hong Kong numbersAny HK networkFree
Video calls to & from Hong Kong numbersWithin Company networks (Note 2)Free¤
With other Hong Kong network (Note 4)HK$2 / Minute
Send SMSWithin Company networks (Note 1)Free¤
To other Hong Kong networksHK$0.6 / SMS
To non-Hong Kong numbers (Note 3) **HK$1.5 / SMS
Receive SMSFrom Any OperatorsFree
Other Charges
Service Charge (HK$)
Other Charges
Change of 0060 everywhere HK Number$50 / change
Change of 0060 everywhere Login ID$50 / change

Note 1: Free SMS can only be sent between 0060 everywhere and 0060 everywhere, PCCW mobile 2G/3G service, eye Multimedia Service or New Generation Fixed Line service.
Note 2: Free video calls can only be made between 0060 everywhere and 0060 everywhere / PCCW mobile 3G service / eye Multimedia Service / eye 2.
Note 3: International (non-Hong Kong numbers) SMS can only be sent to Australia, Canada, China, Macau, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and the UK.
Note 4: Local video calls are applicable between 0060 everywhere and selected 3G mobile networks who have interconnection facilities with 0060 everywhere. As of May 2010, the below 3G mobile network(s) has established interconnection facilities with 0060 everywhere:

  • SmarTone-Vodafone

¤ This special offer is valid until December 31, 2013.