1.         Connected device requirement

            For your use of the 0060 everywhere Service:

a.         your connected device (such as, your computer) must meet certain minimum system requirements;

b.         you agree to install certain software we provide on your connected device; and

c.          you agree to get the owner’s permission for you to carry out the software installation if you do not own the connected device.

We may not be able to provide the 0060 everywhere Service to you if any of the requirements are not met.


2.         Connected device

You shall be responsible for protecting the device (including its software) that you connect to the 0060 everywhere Service.


3.         Content back up

We do not provide storage services for the Content that you or any other users sent or provided through the 0060 everywhere Service. You or any other users shall be responsible for backing up any Content that is sent through the 0060 everywhere Service.


4.         No editorial control over Content

Subject to clause 15.2 of the General Conditions of Telecommunications Service (Consumer Customers), we do not exercise any editorial control over the Content that is sent, provided or stored by you or any other users through the 0060 everywhere Service.


5.         Use of Service overseas

You may use the 0060 everywhere Service outside of Hong Kong in accordance with the applicable local law.


The above Special Conditions apply to all new contracts for consumer customers subscribing to the 0060 everywhere Service on or after June 30, 2011.  The Special Terms and Conditions of 0060 everywhere published on December 11, 2008 will continue to apply to all contracts of the 0060 everywhere Service entered into before June 30, 2011.  Please call customer service hotline 1000 for a copy.